The Foundation has its main office at Linderbergstrasse 15, in 8700 Küsnacht, from where it manages its literary inheritance from Marie-Louise von Franz and Barbara Hannah, along with the Marie-Louise von Franz library.

The house at Lindenbergstrasse 15 in Küsnacht is in private property and not open to the public.
(similar to the access to the library).

According to Article 3 of its statutes, the purpose of the Foundation is to support the research and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Jungian Psychology. This involves, in particular,

  • the organization of conferences for analysts and postgraduates in the field of Jungian Psychology together with representatives of other scientific fields;
  • conducting symposiums on special problems in psychology in line with the work of C. G. Jung;
  • helping to bring scientific work that creatively furthers insights into the field of Jungian Psychology into fruition;
  • publishing valuable work done in the field of Jungian Psychology through its own publishing house;
  • creating new editions of out of print publications of Marie-Louise von Franz, Küsnacht, as well as publishing her unpublished manuscripts, and to oversee the translation of her already published works in other languages.