Forty years ago, on 26th April, 1974, the Stiftung für Jung’sche Psychologie (Foundation for Jungian Psychology) was created, with its main office in Küsnacht. Along with Marie-Louise von Franz (died 1998), the founding members were Paul Walder (died 1982), Willi Obrist (died 2013), René Malamud (died 2015) and Alfred Ribi (resigned). In the meantime, Lorenz Jung (died 1990), Helene Kindhauser (died 2009), Magdalena Rüetschi (resigned, died 2016), Gotthilf Isler (resigned, died 2022), Emmanuel Kennedy (resigned) and Eva Wertenschlag (resigned) were also members of the Board. Originally, the Board intended to create a new educational training facility for Jungian analysts. Soon, however, they agreed to “lend support to the research and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Jungian psychology.” The statutory article defining the Foundation’s intention at that time included only the organization of conferences with experts from other fields of scientific knowledge (interdisciplinary talks), holding symposia, offering courses for further education in Jungian psychology and the advancement of scientific work that creatively furthers knowledge in the field of Jungian psychology.

Other goals were added later: the in-house publication of worthwhile papers in Jungian psychology in the form of short contributions in the series A of Jungiana, or as monographies in  series B of Jungiana; the revision and publication of out-of-print books by Marie-Louise von Franz and Barbara Hannah, as well as the publication of their unpublished manuscripts; and the publication of their already published works in different languages. To date, 20 volumes in Series A of Jungiana and 13 books in Series B of Jungiana have been published. Upon the death of Marie-Louise von Franz on 17th February, 1998, the Foundation inherited the literary rights of both Marie-Louise von Franz and Barbara Hannah. Marie-Louise von Franz bequeathed the right to manage her literary affairs to the Foundation in order to keep her books in print. In the meantime, the Foundation has contracts with more than 100 publishing houses throughout the world and it has more than a dozen people under contract, working on the publication of her books. In German, 18 books by Marie-Louise von Franz have meanwhile been revised and republished by the Foundation’s own publishing house.

On January 4, 2021 - on the 106th birthday of Marie-Louise von Franz - the first volume of the collected works was published in English by Chiron Publications Ashewill North Carolaina. Around 30 more volumes are planned.